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4M STEAM Deluxe (Magnet Exploration)
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Feel the magic power of magnetic fields! Transform the super magnet set to perform various fun experiments and games. Make a pencil float in mid-air, engineer a personal transporter using the principle of the maglev train, and more. This science kit is self contained and has everything you need to create magnetic wonders! Includes a detailed instruction book with a step by step guide to each experiment and Introduces the science principles behind every experiment. Contains over 40 components for constructing a super magnet racer, a compass yacht, a table UFO, a maglev personal transporter, an anti-gravity scripture and more, also includes a 16-page instruction booklet. Self contained and has everything you need to create magnetic wonders!


It's amazing how much fun you can have with a simple magnet. This kit will have the kids building super magnet racers, magnetic yachts, UFOs, sculptures, fishing games and a whole heap more!

With over 20 exciting experiments, learning has never been this fun. This is the gift that keeps on giving. And not just to the kids! They'll be too focused to cause a ruckus, and that's sure to make mum and dad happy too... If you can keep them away from the excitement, that is!

It's not just STEM learning with this awesome kit! They're extending the fun to STEAM, including art skills with magnetic sculpture building and other design elements. 


  • Over 20 fun and interesting experiments
  • Make a super magnet racer, compass yacht, and more!
  • Awesome experiments to learn STEAM skills
  • Great gift to make learning fun


  • Ages: 8 and older. Small parts may present a choking hazard. Seek immediate attention if magnet(s) are swallowed. 
  • Measurements (box): 37.7 x 28.6 x 6.7 cms
  • Inclusions: 40 components, instruction booklet
  • Also required (not included):  Metal paper clip, shallow tray, plastic sheet, adhesive tape
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