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Medela - Swing Maxi Double Breastpump + Calma Teat + TWO Years Warranty and Anello Horizontal Stripe Backpack (Yellow)
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Brand Medela
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The new compact double electric breastpump Swing maxi is perfect for all mothers looking for a simple and time-saving solution. Ideal to increase milk supply and for daily use.

  • Support of milk supply: double pumping can help to increase and sustain milk supply.
  • Efficiency: simultaneous expression in combination with the 2-Phase Expression Technology provides you a maximum of time-saving.
  • Comfortable: a range of vacuum levels and settings.
  • Easy to use: easy to assemble, use and clean.
  • Flexible: light and compact to pump at home or on the go, use with batteries or main adapter.


The best for your baby

Do you want to be sure that you have always enough breastmilk for your baby? Do you want to increase and sustain your milk supply? With the double electric breastpump Swing maxi you enjoy all benefits of simultaneous pumping: Double pumping will drain the breast more and this will increase the milk supply. You will get up to 18% more milk compared to single pumping in a pumping session. In addition double pumping provides milk with higher energy content. Finally you benefit from a maximum of time-saving: double pumping is twice as fast as single pumping.


What makes Swing maxi unique compared to other electric breastpumps?

Swing maxi is an excellent-value double electric breastpump ideal for daily and regular use. Double pumping gives you extra time for yourself and baby.
Individually adjustable vacuum levels and quiet operation guarantee high comfort. Swing maxi is very compact, easy to use and clean. In combination with Medela's Easy Expression Bustier handling is easy and you have free hands to do simples things while pumping.


Mother friendly operation

Swing maxi can be used for single and double pumping without a loss of performance. You can also switch between phase and set your preferred vacuum level by pushing one button. Battery option and quiet operation enable discreet pumping whilst on the go.




Medela has won several awards for it's innovative products. Find here a list of all awards related to the appropriate products. 


Medela has been the first company worldwide to deeply research babies and their feeding behaviour



Double Pumping

The benefits of Double Pumping compared to single pumping, are well known, but the latest scientific research has not only confirmed this, but has also uncovered further benefits for pumping mothers.



2-Phase Expression

The 2-Phase Expression Technology is based on the natural sucking rhythm of the baby: Short, stimulating patterns are followed by longer ones, ensuring an optimal milkflow. Its faster let-down and maximum milkflow reduces pumping time significantly. So you can express more milk in less time - and more comfortable. 

Switzerland unit



  • 1 Year Pump Motor Warranty by Lactaequip Sdn Bhd (Malaysia Authorized Distributor) + Free One More Year
  • Lifetime After Sales Service

Packing : 1 x Motor, 2 x Breast Shield (M), 2 x Connector Assembled, 1 x Tubing, 1 x Power Adaptor, 1 x Calma Teat, 2 x Storage Bottles (150ml), 2 x Disc, 2 x Cap, 2 x Bottle Stand / Box



[anello] - Stripe Series Backpack (Regular Size)


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