Solid Feeding

Solid Feeding
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Materials:  Hood, grater, squeezer, pound cup, baby spoon - ABS Colander & strainer - ABS..
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Materials:  Lid, spoon & spoon cover, bowl, partition - PP   Bright c..
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Materials:  Lid - PP Bowl - PP+TPR Slip-resistant base - TPR Sucker, spoon - PP+TPR ..
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Product Descriptions : Bisphenol A-Free  Non-slip handles of spoon and fork p..
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Features:- Stainless Steel & ABS Resin. One piece of fork and spoon each. BP..
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Attractive shape. Independent opener keeps clean and hygienic. Bisphenol A-free Easy to car..
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attractive shape independent opener keeps clean and hygienic (colour white, orange, blue, gre..
RM45.50 RM36.40
1. Special shape of drum and do not need to change container while using.        ..
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Suitable for Basilic milk powder dispenser Material: PE ..
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Materials: PP+TPR Bisphenol A-Free The circle of spoon is made by safety material TPR ARC..
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Feed your baby easily with Bremed Obebe baby food dispensing spoon. It comes in cute carrot design a..
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Convenient stackable container for feeding your infant on-the-go. 3 portion container with easy pour..
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From meal preparation, to feeding time, to food storage, Dr. Brown's Designed to Nourish system ..
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Stepped learning effect: 1. The lower plate keeps baby s bowl stable 2. Additional use - ..
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Product Description Fully-functional learning cutlery set for babies Knife has a safe cuttin..
RM28.95 RM23.00
  Ideal introduction to cutlery - perfect for baby's first stage of self feeding. ..
RM28.95 RM23.00
2 separate compartments for offering different meals Light and comfortable to hold, e..
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2 step concept: 1. Feeding and holding together 2. Babies learn to eat independently Non-sl..
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Product Descriptions : No more spilled snacks on the floor or car seat. Our clever Snack Catcher ..
RM33.80 RM28.73
Nûby's new Garden Fresh™ Fruit & Veggie Press is specially designed for mak..
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About the Product Prep, steam, mix, and store: bowl holds 9 fluid ounce steaming basket holds ..
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Included: 1 x NUK Frozen Multi-Purpose Plate 1 x NUK Frozen Training Cup 1 ..
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Included: 1 x NUK Mickey Mouse Multi-Purpose Bowl 1 x NUK Mickey Mouse Training Cup..
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The NUK Rest Easy Spoons feature a supportive base that helps keep germs off the spoon and mess of t..
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Step-by-step towards independent eating You've barely started with the first solid foods and ..
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A spoon for a new learning stage As your child's activity increases, so too do his nutritiona..
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Product details of OXO On-the-go Feeding Spoon Orange Food-grade silicone coating gives this Feed..
Spinach and carrots Cereal and mashed bananas Never mind juggling two bowls of baby food. The OXO To..
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OXO Tot Divided Plate   Help keep your child’s food safe in just the right place, i..
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