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Dear valuable customers, if you see item out of stock, kindly chat with us regarding the stock availability before you wish to make the order.
Shipping and Delivery

All goods delivery will be done through appointed courier services. Sorry that NO Cash On Delivery (COD) available.

Delivery time is subject to stock availability and orders load of courier service appointed. Orders will be delivered to you within 2-7working days after the payment has been confirmed (Not counted from the date of order). The arrival date of all orders is only an estimation and subject to change from time to time due to many unforeseen circumstances which might occur from time to time before or during the delivery that are not within our control. Sorry that there is no same day delivery. Therefore, please plan your order accordingly.

All orders with payment that comes in after 10.00 p.m. (Malaysian Local Time) will NOT be calculated as one business working day. MUMLOVESBABYSHOP will inform customer if there are any delays with the order with a stated reason.


Your order date: 2 Nov 2015, 09.30am

We received your payment (From eGHL/ bank): 2 Nov 2015, 10.30am

So, we only able to deliver on 3 Nov 2015

Your expected date of receival (depends on area): 4 Nov - 13 Nov 2015.


Oversized items are items such as Car Seat, Stroller, Baby Cot, Walker, Playmat and etc. These oversize items are subject to charges due its size and normally the weights are calculated using the Volumetric. Therefore, the actual weight might be light but volumetric weight is heavy. So, the shipping cost will be expensive.


For Sabah and Sarawak, if the shipping fee is stated that meant we are using our courier service to deliver goods to you (delivered within 3-5 working days after the payment has been confirmed). OR, you could request us to quote you shipping fee using normal Pos Malaysia Air Parcel (about 7 working days after the payment has been confirmed), which might be cheaper.


If you have queries regarding the delivery zones and charges, please send us an email for more information. For item which does not stated its shipping fee (especially shipping to Sabah/ Sarawak), please send us an email  (item interested and destination place) so that we could help you to arrange possible cheapest shipping fee.


Please be informed that we will not be able to accommodate on the time of delivery because we engaged the courier company to deliver all our orders. The courier company will not call you unless you have contacted the courier service yourself to deal with them. Please do not expect a call from Courier Company before the delivery.However, MUMLOVESBABYSHOP will do our best to service your request.


If you do not receive your parcel within the expected time (after 7 working days), please inform us via email to