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Vtech My First Word Book
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【VTech Touch & Learn Word Book – 1.5 to 4 Years Kids】

102 English Words Book + Hear 80 Adjectives

VTech Touch and Learn Word Book is designed for 1.5 - 4 Years kids to learn vocabulary and the beginning letter of the word. As per the eduational professional, learning vocabulary is essential in the language learning. The more vocabulary the kids know, the easier to learn English at latter stage. This vocabulary book consists of 102 words familiar with kids like home, food, clothes, toys, park and animals in the zoo (6 Categories). Each vocabulary teaches how to speak the word, how to use different adjectives to describe the word and the beginning letter of each word.


Features :


* 102 english words with picture and words

* 80 adjectives to describe the word

* Learn the beginning letter of each word

* 6 themes of words that comes in kids daily life like the home, the food, the clothes, the toys, the park and the animal in the zoo

* 12 colorful interactive pages engage kids with fun learning


Four ways to learn :

1) What’s that word : Touch the pictures to learn about words and objects related to your home, food, clothes, toys, the park and the zoo. Touch the category section on the left page or the bear section on the right page to hear more fun phrases and words. For example, touch the picture of “zebra” and say i) Zebra, ii) Great Zebra, iii) Black and White Zebra.


2) Letter Fun :Touch the pictures to learn about the first letters of words. For example, “Elephant begins with the letter E”


3) Music Time : Touch the category section on the left page or the bear section on the right page to choose a melody. Touch the words to add some fun sounds while the melody is playing. For added fun, you’ll sometimes hear a bonus song that teaches the alphabet. You can interrupt the song with fun sounds by touching the pages.


4) Find it Press the “Question” button, listen to the questions and touch the answers to play a fun quiz game to see what you‘ve learned.

Figure-Touch Make reading an even more interactive experience with pages that react to your child’s touch with sounds, words and music

Auto-detect the Page

Turn the pages, the book will auto-detect and response accordingly

Non-tearable Paper

The paper is not easy to be tear by kids and the round corner page is safe for kids to read

Build the Reading Habit .The book format helps to build the reading habit for the kids

Specification :

- Product Name : Touch & Teach Word Book

- Brand : VTech 

- Age : 1.5 – 4 Years

- Language : English-US

- Battery : 2 AA Batteries 

- Product Size : (Closed)22 cm * 21cm * 3.8 cm, (Opened) 38.3 cm * 21 cm * 3.8 cm

- Package Size : 45 cm * 30.5 cm * 6.6 cm

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